In progress: BoardingGateSeatFromTo

BoardingSeatGateFromTo is a project of a dance performance installation exploring the mindset of a travelling body. It raises the issues of modern nomad lifestyle deriving from the personal experience of the author. 

Lisbon - Warsaw - hometown - Warsaw - Vienna - Katowice - hometown - Edinburgh - Lisbon - Vila Nova de Ceveira - Lisbon - Warsaw - Minsk - Dnipro - Yerevan - Tbilisi - Kiev - Warsaw- Lisbon - Sarajevo - Cracow - Paris- Warsaw - Brussels - Cracow - Dresden - Cluj - Poznań - Cracow - hometown - Paris - Santiago de Chile - San Pedro de Atacama - Punta Arenas - Patagonia - Buenos Aires - Amsterdam - Porto - Grenoble- Paris - hometown - Strasbourg - Munich - Karlsruhe - Cracow - Berlin - hometown - Gdańsk- Paris - Brussels - Amsterdam - Lyon - Paris - hometown - Warsaw - Cracow - Paris - Saint Eme - Paris - Barcelona - Cracow - Warsaw - hometown - Berlin - Salzburg - Hannover- Muelheim - Paris- Montpellier- Poznan -Gdansk - Cracow - Vienna - Ibiza- Saint Erme-Paris- Rabat - Gdansk - Lisbon - Podgorica - Lisbon - Paris - Cracow - Warsaw - hometown - Wroclaw - Paris - Chur - Basel - Bellinzona - Aarau - Paris - Tel Aviv

Since April 2018, I am in a constant transition, without a place to come back to, without a specific base. It has to do with continuous planning of routes, stops and sketching the landscape of tomorrow. Numerous questions about the past or upcoming trips, diminish the “now” to a thin line between past and future. It results in experiencing the events, taking place in the present, in a way of immediately relating to them in past terms. “Now” is occupied by planning as well as with reporting. Constantly changing the place of being, demand readapting to new landscapes around. Finding your ways in a new city, looking for transportation possibilities to arrive to a specific spot, encountering new people. All of this keeps one’s attention on the outside. It by far moves the perception to the peripheries and eventually also shifts the point of self-reference to a space outside own’s body.

Concept and choreography: Bartosz Ostrowski
Residency institutions to be announced.

The project is created with the dancer Daniela Komędera-Miśkiewicz.

Daniela Komędera-Miśkiewicz graduated the Dance Theatre Department of the Academy of Theater Arts in Cracow. During her study she was awarded a scholarship by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the President of city Bielsko-Biala. She danced in performances by Jacek Luminski: 'I love only and exclusively with the whole heart incontrovertibly Magdalena' as well as with the Lublin Dance Theatre 'The Rite of Spring' and big production 'Passes'. She has also starred as a dancer in 'the Storm' by the National Theatre in Weimar. In 2012 she was the co-creator of the show 'Heimsuchung/Visitation' in Munich, which was presented at various theatre festivals in Germany, Russia and Hungary, and in 2012 she won the Golden Mask award given by the Marshal of the Silesian Province of Poland. She was a director and one of the performers in a show 'Speed Dates' presented in Bytom, Katowice and at festivals in Spoleto, Italy, and in Poland in Cracow and Polczyn- Zdrój, where she received the Jury Prize for the best female dancer and the audience award for the best performance. Co-creator of the show 'They robbed my bicycle' presented at the Gdansk Dance Festival, Festival Spacer in Cracow and Festival Dei Due Mondi in Spoleto. Soloist in a performance 'Room 40' choreographed and directed by Maciej Kuzminski. She worked with Kaya Kolodziejczyk in 'Audition V' by Krzanowski. Daniela performed as a dancer in spectacle 'Difference and Repetition' choreographed by Maciej Kuzminski as well as 'Transmigrazione di fermenti d'amore' with Theatre Dada von Bzdülöw or 'Personal spring' by Olga Kebas. She works with Amareya Theatre and Guests in performances: 'Nomadic woman' and 'Kantor Tropy: Collage'. This year she created with Dima Grynov performance 'I goindeepandence'. She is an actress in 'Zatoka suma' performance in Ochota Theatre in Warsaw. Daniela is a dancer in ‘Halka’ (Wilnus version), dir. Agnieszka Glinska, choreographed by Weronika Pelczynska in National Opera in Warsaw. She created with Dominika Wiak dance performance ‘Manhattan’ in Rozbark Theatre.