_in progress_ BoardingGateSeatFromTo:

Boarding is a performance installation exploring the mindset of a travelling body. It raises the issues of modern nomad lifestyle deriving from the personal experience of the author.

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Since April 2018, I am in constant transition, without a place to come back to, without a specific base. It has to do with continuous planning of routes, stops and sketching the landscape of tomorrow. Numerous questions about the past or upcoming trips, diminish the “now” to a thin line between past and future. It results in experiencing the events, taking place in the present, in a way of immediately relating to them in past terms. “Now” is occupied by planning as well as with reporting. Constantly changing the place of being, demand readapting to new landscapes around. Finding your ways in a new city, looking for transportation possibilities to arrive to a specific spot, encountering new people. All of this keeps one’s attention on the outside. It by far moves the perception to the peripheries and eventually also shifts the point of self-reference to a space outside own’s body.

BoardingGateSeatFromTo: is a project of a dance performance installation analysing the state of being in an ongoing journey. Based on a personal experience of the author’s nomad lifestyle, the initiative is a poetic challenge to construct a corporeality of a travelling body. It states a question: In what way the constantly changing landscape is influencing an individual? What effect it has on the action mode and dynamics of thoughts?

Concept: Bartosz Ostrowski

   in dialogue with Daniela Komędera-Miśkiewicz
_Yasmeen Godder Company, Tel Aviv-Jaffa
_Machol Shalem, Jerusalem

Research Sessions and Conferences For Central European Performance Projects about the Natural World

Residency period: Budapest 24.01 - 06.02.2022 with Ewa Kierklo

Opening Lab conference event at Bazaar Festival Prague (29-30.08.2021) and at Nature of Us conference (19-21.05.2022) on Sobieszewo Island near Gdansk.

The aim of our artistic research is to work on a choreographic atlas, collecting mutually interacting movements on the Earth. Conceived as a visual form of knowledge, it will act as a tool to design ecological discussions in dance practice and as a reference base for new explorations.

In order to build a cartography of the dynamic processes driving migration, we would like to study the movements of non-human actors/actants. By exploring migration of birds, pollen transfer, sea tides and tectonic change, among others, we want to witness the constant movement of matter in the environment we co-create. We will construct maps, sample tasks, choreographic/visual scores and record our explorations in and out of the studio to build an open creative environment.

As climate change accelerates, both rising water levels and migration of humans and other species, is there a way we can find common navigation in this? Putting all of this into shared dimensions will help us see a possible landscape of ecosystem interdependencies.