The below descriped collaboration within an artistic collective dotcompany is a part of ongoing research about ways of being together.

collaborations within the frame of dotcompany 2015-2018

Second hand’68︎

Direction: Patrycja Kowanska
Concept: Patrycja Kowanska, Bartosz Ostrowski
Space&costumes: Paula Grocholska
Performers: Magdalena Fejdasz, Agata Woźnicka, Karol Kubasiewicz/Oskar Malinowski, Patryk Kulik
Premiere: 21.10.2018, Museum POLIN

Individual Concert︎︎︎

Warsaw Museum of Dance︎︎︎

Mewa// The Seagull︎︎︎


dotcompany was a multidisciplinary performance group, formed in the search of a new language of artistic expression. Artists working with each other in various configurations, exploring phenomenons of reality, creating performance pieces and events eluding grated names. dotcompany uses performance art, dance, text, music, theatre, video and architecture, works to create a new value meeting the audience.