fot. Ewelina Konior-Słowińska

MEWA// The Seagull (2015)

A short piece combining acting and movement, based on „The Seagull” by Anton Chekhov. It tell the story of one of the main characters of the play. We meet Konstantin Trieplew when he is about to commit suicide – right before he decides about it we enter his head, to see what kind of life he had, what kind of people he had been around. What brought him to the place in which there is no return?

directed by Patrycja Kowańska
stage movement: Bartosz Ostrowski
costume design: Ewelina Konior-Słowińska, Ewelina Ząbke
music: Paweł Harańczyk

Trieplew: Karol Kubasiewicz
Nina: Agata Woźnicka
Arkadina: Roksana Lewak
Trigorin: Bartosz Ostrowski

Premiere: 20.11. 2015, , Academy of Theater Arts, Cracow
Awarded for innovative performative language on 5th Young Direction Forum 2015.