Praga Street View is a performance using choreographic tools to create a map of a district. It was realized during Otwarta Ząbkowska Festival in Warsaw.

You open the app Mapy/Maps/Navigation. You type in the address you remember. A web of lines and pins pops up on the screen- and what you do is you drop a yellow little human figure and you start a virtual walk. You are looking on the moving landscape as if you are passing the places you know. You pass further blocks, you see bigger and bigger holes in the pavement. You watch the higher-then-usual floors of the buildings. Signboards, signs, cars, faces begin to emerge in front of you. Slowly you realize that you are at your place but you were never „at your place” this way.

Praga Street View undertakes the challange to inscribe a part of the city into the dancers body and then to take it to stage circumstances. During the four hour exploration of the marked route the performer will create a choreography, which will be a map of this space. Afterwards on the stage of The Powszechny Theater he is going to develop this dance sketch to embody the o t h e r  side of Vistula river.

Concept and performance: Bartosz Ostrowski
Premiere: 23.07.2016, Teatr Powszechny im. Z. Hubnera w Warszawie
Co-production: Warsaw Dance Department, Movementum Foundation