fot. Aneta Siemieniuk

dali (2015) dotcompany

I gave myself an injection. The liquid was violet, with flourescent yellow flashes.
Gradually floating, it assumed control of my arm, hip, head.
The substence provoked respective profile parts to move.
Meanwhile, the imagination was generating images and sounds, which formed all forms of activity.
Perception. Attraction. Takeover. All my desires seemed to become clear.

DALI is a project between theater and performance, based on physical actions and interaction with the audience.
Part of Experimental Scene in Barakah Theater. Artists’s inspiration was Salvador Dali, his works and private life. There’s a link between Dali and actor’s profession.
Elaborated self-consciousness. Pression to be non-mediocre.

What only differs me from Dali, is the fact that I’m not him.

Idea and performance:  Agata Woźnicka, Bartosz Ostrowski
Dramaturgy and text:   Patrycja Kowańska
Music:   Tamil Kuszyński
Visuals:   Lena Dobrowolska / Teo Ormond Skeaping
Costumes: Ewelina Konior-Słowińska
Choreografic consultment: Iwona Olszowska
Premiere:  11.04.2015, Barakah Theater, Cracow