Anda, Diana︎︎︎
portrays the recovery process of dancer and acrobat Diana Niepce, who was rendered quadriplegic following an accident. In this piece, Diana proposes a demystification of societies’ preconceptions concerning bodies that diverge from the perceived norm and, thus, contributes towards a shift in the way we see ourselves and each other.

Direção artística: Diana Niepce
Assistência artística: Bartosz Ostrowski

Interpretação: Bartosz Ostrowski, Joãozinho da Costa
Apoio à Dramaturgia: Rui Catalão
Desenho de luz: Carlos Ramos
Som: Gonçalo Alegria
Figurinos: Silvana Ivaldi
Apoio: Joa Cirque
Produção: Produção d’Fusão
Residência de co-produção: O Espaço do Tempo
Coprodução: TBA – Teatro do Bairro Alto e O Espaço do Tempo
Apoio: Direção-Geral das Artes / Ministério da Cultura, Biblioteca Municipal de Marvila/ Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Embaixada da República da Polónia em Portugal, Adam Mickiewicz Institute
Agradecimentos: Rua das Gaivotas6, Pedro Barreiro
Fotografia: Alípio Padilha

12 979 Days︎
is a dance performance in which the act of exposing the unnormalized body as parallel to the many prejudices within each of us, creates a raw and beautiful language at the same time.

Artistic Direction: Diana Niepce
Laboratory support and assistance: Vânia Cerqueira
Support for the playwriting: Rui Catalão
Performers: André Ferreira, Bartosz Ostrowski, Bruno Freitas, Carla Ribeiro, Diana Niepce, Joana Cadete, Karen Sampaio, Marta Xavier, Sara Ferreira, Paulo Sá
Technical direction / light design: Carlos Ramos
Music: Jonny Kadaver
Photography: Joaquim Lea
Audio Description: AR Productions
Management: ORG.I.A – Cultural Association

what if I could dance, what if we could dance?︎︎︎
is a performance about autobiography and fiction that starts on the (im)possibility of creating a solo dance show with a body that has no technique, no intensity, nor resistance to do so. By sharing a personal story, the performer gets to share his alternative path in the dance field, while exploring everyday situations to generate movement. Notwithstanding, that is not enough. For the show to happen, the audience has a key role by helping the performer to create different movement compositions. Thus, there is an analogy between what we can achieve alone or together, questioning the role of the technique, the solo, and authorship.

creation and performance João Estevens
assistance Bartosz Ostrowski
photography André Picardo
production Associação Cultural Rabbit Hole
support Forum Dança, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
co-production residency O Espaço do Tempo
artistic residency 23 milhas, Cão Solteiro, Forum Dança, TRUST
acknowledgements Mafalda Miranda Jacinto, Mariana Nobre Vieira

Forum Dança (Lisbon, PT) [work in progress], TRUST (Arganil, PT) [work in progress], Rua das Gaivotas 6 (Lisbon, PT)

Creation: João Estevens
in collaboration with Bartosz Ostrowski, Blanca G. Terán, João Abreu and Mafalda Miranda Jacinto
Venues: CCB - Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisbon, PT), TAGV (Coimbra, PT),
Espaco do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo, PT), Temps d'Images 2018 (Lisbon, PT)

what to stream_when we all float// compost︎︎︎
The performance is a presentation in the frame of Young Direction Forum 2021 in Cracow and PERFORMING ARTS AND DIGITAL CULTURE in Lisbon.

concept: bartosz ostrowski & jan kanty zienko
text: Mateusz Górniak
performance: Michał Balicki, Weronika Janosz, Bartosz Ostrowski, Magdalena Woleńska, Chłopi Tomi, Cis Konrad
artistic supervision: Michał Borczuch
director of the streamed work “compost”: Jan Kanty Zienko

A performance happening simultaneously in Lisbon, Portugal and Cracow in Poland. The event in Gaivotas brings forward the medium of streaming as a particular environment for coexistence and communication.

The original work’s title is „compost”, it is a performative installation and was created as a manifesto. Humans, as representatives of their species and part of wider landscape, were in the core of our interest. In the extinction landscape we can see glimpses appearing due to contacts. Micro-realistic, poetic incidents are happening between humans, humans and other beings, in language. Inspired by Donna J. Haraway’s philosophy, we tried to appoint on stage extemporary, interspecies community (humans, dog, plant). It led us to create something, which seems more like poem than spectacle. Space, where bodies and meanings can fluctuate, where works mechanism of entropy, where identity choices stop playing the first fiddle. We have detected the concept of compost, which refers to organic matter environment, where in decay something new and minority could appear. This work is improvisation based postcard from climate catastrophe, which last when we wait for it to happen. Which pieces of this ephemeral piece can be transmitted via streaming and the physical presence of just one kin?

Collaborations within the frame of dotcompany artistic collective︎︎︎


Bataille and the dawn of new days︎
Anna Godowska & Sławek Krawczynski
Art Stations Foundation, Pozan, Poland
Performers: Aleksandra Bozek-Muszynska, Natalia Dinges, Pawel Grala,
Bartosz Ostrowski, Lukasz Przytarski, Zofia Tomczyk.

Cezary Goes To War︎
international touring performance from Komuna/Warszawa
awarded on 10th ITF Divine Comedy in 2017, ITF MESS Sarajevo 2018, Prapremiery Festival Bydgoszcz 2018
Direction: Cezary Tomaszewski
Performers: Michał Dembinski, Weronika Krowka, Oskar Malinowski, Bartosz Ostrowski, Lukasz Stawarczyk

Golden Age of Extremes︎
tak Theater Berlin
Ringlokschuppen Ruhr
Teatr Nowy Proxima in Cracow
Performers: Florian Lauss, Bartosz Ostrowski, Kristina Peters,
Sara Bigdeli Shamloo, Lukasz Stawarczyk, Jonas Wiese, Weronika Wronka
Premiere: 14.06.2019, Teatr Nowy Proxima, Cracow